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Микрофони ( Microphone )
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Microphone for Notebook mini MIC-2036.49 лв.поръчай
Микрофон за компютър MIC-111, с кабел 1.5м сив10.69 лв.поръчай
• Микрофон за компютър MIC-111, с кабел 1.5м сив
A4 MI-10 DESKTOP MICROPHONE11.64 лв.поръчай
• On-off/mute switch • Neck adjustable in vertical direction • 3.5 mm audio input connection • Product Dimension 11.7(L) x 3.6(W) x 24.3(H) cm
A4 MK-730 EARPHONE METALIC15.37 лв.поръчай
Настолен микрофон Plantronics Audio 30022.88 лв.поръчай
• Настолен микрофон Plantronics Audio 300 Продуктов номер:PLANT-MIC-39601-01 PLANTRONICS Компютърна периферия Микрофони Микрофони
TRUST Starzz All-round Microphone for PC and laptop27.37 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: High performance microphone with mute switch and tripod stand, for outstandingly clear and natural voice reproduction • Х-ка 2: Ideal for voice recordings, online gaming sessions, chatting, Skype and voice controlled applications • Х-ка 3: For all round use: Handheld microphone design with included stable tripod makes it suitable for both handheld and handsfree applications • Х-ка 4: Gold plated 3.5mm plug for optimized connection and best speech quality • Х-ка 5: Extra lo
TRUST Elvii Vintage Microphone for PC and laptop27.98 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: High performance, vintage-style desktop microphone on stand • Х-ка 2: For chatting, gaming, singing, etc. • Х-ка 3: Adjustable angle • Х-ка 4: Mute button • Х-ка 5: 1.80m cable with 3.5mm plug • Х-ка 6: Package contents: Microphone with cable attached, Adapter cable, User guide
TRUST Mico USB Microphone41.53 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: With 3.5mm and USB connections, works with any PC or laptop • Х-ка 2: Cable with 3.5mm plug; free USB adapter included for high quality, distortion-free digital audio • Х-ка 3: For voice recording, singing, gaming and voice chat applications such as Skype and Cortana • Х-ка 4: Adjustable angle • Х-ка 5: 1.80 m cable • Х-ка 6: Product size (HxWxD): 130 x 43 x 35 mm • Х-ка 7: Package contents: Microphone with cable attached, USB adapter, Tripod stand, User's guide
TRUST Radi USB All-round Microphone70.94 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: Works with any PC and laptop • Х-ка 2: Dual connection: classic 3.5mm for widest compatibility and USB for clear digital audio • Х-ка 3: For voice recording, gaming, Skype and using voice controlled applications • Х-ка 4: Volume control and mute switch • Х-ка 5: Adjustable height and angle • Х-ка 6: Tripod stand, Detachable 1.8m cable • Х-ка 7: Product size (HxWxD): 120 x 80 x 70 mm • Х-ка 8: Package contents: Microphone with stand, Microphone cable, USB adapter, User g
TRUST GXT 252 Emita Streaming Microphone185.13 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: Digital USB connection; instantly works on any PC and laptop • Х-ка 2: Warm, rich and clear audio reproduction; for capturing vocals as well as acoustic instruments • Х-ка 3: Perfect for podcasts, vlogs, voice-overs, music recording or streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook • Х-ка 4: Cardioid recording pattern for high precision recording and clear sound without background noise • Х-ка 5: Comes with durable aluminum flightcase for safe storage and transport • Х-ка 6: I
Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp448.32 лв.поръчай
• Предназначен за: Designed For: Logitech MeetUp • Х-ка 2: Expansion Mic extends MeetUp's microphone pickup range to 14 feet (4.2 meters) • Х-ка 3: Connection Type: Plug-and-play • Х-ка 4: Indicator Lights (LED): LED indicator confirms video streaming, microphone mute, on-hold, and Bluetooth pairing, etc. • Х-ка 5: Microphone Type: Mono, wideband, noise canceling • Х-ка 6: Buttons / Switch: Microphone mute • Х-ка 7: Cable Length: 20 ft (6 m) • Х-ка 8: Dimensions(WxDxH): 83 x 83 x 13.4 mm

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